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" Swiss Afisha Online " & " Swiss Afisha TV " is a daily multimedia information resource about Switzerland in Russian language, which is designed for the widest audience and is a reliable source of information for those who live in this country, are going to visit it or are interested in Switzerland in all its diversity.


The multimedia platform Swiss Afisha is a digital continuation of the popular magazine of the same name that has been published in Switzerland since 2005 and has won readers' sympathy for quality content and a bright new style of presenting information about various aspects of life in Switzerland.

«Swiss Афиша» № 18

«Swiss Афиша» № 19

«Swiss Афиша» № 20

The new multimedia platform " Swiss Afisha News & TV " is an information and analytical project in Russian language focused on:

  • Russian-speaking audience of citizens of the former Soviet Union currently living in Switzerland and Europe

  • Citizens of Switzerland and European countries who speak or study Russian.

  • Switzerland News

  • Information about the socio-political and cultural life of the country

  • Swiss traditions and history

  • Information about the peculiarities of life in Switzerland, that may be of interest for  Russian-speaking citizens

  • Interviews with  Russian-speaking residents of Switzerland (European countries)

  • Interviews and studio conversations and debates with politicians, political scientists, experts

  • Documentaries about Switzerland

  • Much more

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